Manhunt underway after exchange student killed

SALT LAKE CITY — A fatal carjacking attempt near the University of Utah late Monday left one student dead and touched off a campus-wide lockdown as hundreds of police officers swarmed buildings and nearby foothills and canyons in search of the suspected gunman. Utah police were hunting in mountain terrain near the university Tuesday morning,…

The only two items you should consider ordering on an airplane

Humans might have invented huge machines that fly in the air, but they still haven’t succeeded in making any food that actually tastes good while you’re up there. In-flight meals taste almost as bad today as they did 20 years ago. But according to the experts, there are certain items on the menu that are…

UK ‘House of Cards’ creator: ‘I’m heartbroken’

The creator of the original British “House of Cards” series says he’s “heartbroken” that the American version is ending amid the Kevin Spacey scandal.

Ed Cox blasts Mueller for handing down indictments before elections

New York State Republican chairman Ed Cox on Tuesday blasted special counsel Robert Mueller for handing down indictments against former campaign aides to President Trump a week before local elections. In some New York races, Democrats have been trying to tie Republican candidates to Trump. “Announcing these indictments a week before the elections? Are you…

Topless protesters remind world that Roman Polanski is an admitted sexual predator

Members of FEMEN, a radical feminist organization, protested at La Cinematheque Francaise as Roman Polanski was visiting. A 10-day career retrospective is being held at the film institute, although the protesters were hoping to keep the focus on the controversial director’s history of sexual assault allegations.

Dartmouth professors probed for alleged sexual misconduct

Three psychology professors at Dartmouth College are being investigated for alleged sexual misconduct, authorities announced Tuesday. New Hampshire Attorney General Gordon MacDonald said his office and four other law enforcement agencies launched their probe after the Ivy League college reported the allegations. The announcement came a week after the college’s newspaper, The Dartmouth, reported that…

Andy Dick jokes about trying to ‘get a date’ amid groping accusations

The actor has gotten the boot from his latest movie for allegedly groping others genitals and unwanted kissing and licking.

Hollywood Film Awards honoring Gary Oldman

The Hollywood Film Awards will be handed out Sunday night in Beverly Hills.

Trump warns of ‘forces’ working against his tax reform efforts

President Trump on Tuesday warned that there were “forces” at large that were working to undermine his tax reform efforts and maintain the status quo in Washington. “We need you to be united and committed and proactive in order to overcome the forces fighting — and there are forces fighting out there — that very…

Your kids can trade in their Halloween candy for cash

Get cash back for Halloween candy. That’s the incentive dentists, physical therapists and other healthcare practitioners are giving to kids who donate a portion of their treats after the costumed chaos subsides. At Hoboken Smile Specialists, a dentist office in Hoboken, New Jersey, kids who bring in one pound of candy will receive a dollar…